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Critical Businesses

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Vance Street Capital is a Los Angeles-based private equity firm with deep expertise in manufacturing and engineering. We take pride in partnering with niche, market-leading companies and transforming them into strategic assets.

We operate with a founder-first mentality, prioritizing the unique needs and desires of each business.

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Entrepreneurial Experience

We are entrepreneurs at heart, and more than 75% of our investments have been family-owned businesses.

Flexible Solutions

We craft custom-tailored partnerships to meet the needs of founders, their teams, and their business’ future.

Sector Expertise

For more than 20 years, we have been partnering with companies in our core industries to solve for unique challenges and growth constraints.

Comprehensive Resources

We invest heavily in our companies with deep operating resources to accelerate growth and unlock untapped value.

We excel at partnering with family-owned businesses and executing corporate carve outs because of our hands-on operational approach.

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Operational Focus

Deep bench of operators to provide targeted support aimed at maximum value creation.

Established Playbook

Years of refinement have created a repeatable process to enhance and grow leading manufacturing businesses.

Deep Expertise

Thesis-driven investing backed by 20+ years of sector experience.

Decisive Execution

We engage with conviction and speed, pursuing less than 3% of opportunities that we evaluate.
We respect what you’ve built

We are a veteran team ready to roll up our sleeves alongside you to scale your business, drive growth, and gain market share the right way.

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A track record of successful partnership

We pride ourselves in being a partner you can trust to respect your vision, company, and culture.

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Vance Street delivered exactly what they promised. I’ve been able to remain fully in control of my business while having the assurance of stability and growth for its future.

Chris Witham
Founder & CEO

Disclaimer No compensation was paid in exchange for the above testimonial, but founders and executives may receive ordinary course compensation and other benefits as a result of their ownership or role in the applicable portfolio company. Portfolio company founders and executives may be investors in funds managed by Vance Street Capital.


Disclaimer The above awards are third-party rankings based on predetermined evaluation criteria. Vance Street paid fees to Inc. and GCI Publishing for its applications to be considered for the Founder-Friendly Investors and Top 50 PE Firms lists, respectively, and a fee was paid to GrowthCap to be published as a recipient of the GrowthCap Top Private Equity Firms ranking. Please select the linked images for more information regarding each award.

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