Creative solutions
for complex challenges

We have expertise in your market and a track record of success. We thrive on developing creative solutions to the most complex challenges. We recognize that no two businesses are alike and so we will not force you into a mold that doesn't fit. Let us work together to craft a partnership that is perfectly tailored to your vision.


Our team is your team



With more than three decades of experience investing in and operating businesses in your market, our team understands your business and the time and effort it takes to build it the right way, with integrity. We know how to protect and foster a company’s unique culture and we know how to energize teams and catalyze goal achievement. We take pride in transforming businesses into global leaders who maintain their market reputation of being best in class.

"Finding a partner that could come in and provide not only growth-based resources but also one that valued the culture and employee base our family has built over the past several decades was an important decision factor in finding our next partner.  Vance Street truly understood and respected those aspects of our business." - Mike Casalino


Operating Partners

Our deep bench of seasoned operating partners are former Fortune 1000 executives with specific functional area expertise across manufacturing and operational excellence, quality and regulatory assurance, sales channel development, and human resources. They can assist you in the execution of your strategic value creation plan and the buildout of foundational initiatives.

"Vance Street was a true partner in their ability to bring in operational resources across a wide range of focus areas, including quality, manufacturing and marketing that not only facilitated a smooth transition but significantly enhanced those areas of the Applied Plastics organization." - Dave Ring



We have a deep rolodex of senior managers (CEOs, CFOs, QA/RA, Engineers and Sales Managers) and can help with your recruitment needs for full-time positions or on an interim basis to address organizational needs.

"Vance Street was able to come in and build a senior leadership team that enabled me to achieve my goal of stepping back from the business while retaining the culture my father and I build over forty years.  I knew the business was in good hands." - Tim Wojciechowicz


Industry Experts

Our robust network of advisors have experience across a wide range of market subsegments. Their expertise is leveraged in the refinement of an investment thesis, validation of market growth opportunities and risks, competitive positioning, and customer insights. Our advisors can support you as post-close advisors, consultants and active board members.

"The deep industry knowledge of Vance Street and their network has been instrumental to the strategy development and execution at Jet Parts." - Anu Goel

Our markets


  • Components and Devices
    • Specialty Extrusion and Advanced Catheter Components
    • Fine-wire and nitinol Components
    • Hypotubes and needles
    • Specialty Coatings
    • Micro-Molded Components
    • Precision Grinding and Forming
    • Micro-machining / laser processing
    • Design and engineering services
    • Disposables and light capital
    • Single-use End Devices
  • Life Science
    • Films & Specialty Materials
    • Diagnostics
    • Laboratory products and supplies


  • Industrial Technology and Components
    • Sensors & Instrumentation
    • Condition Monitoring
    • Optics Systems & Components
    • Engineered Components
    • Automation and Robotics
    • Flow Control and Filtration
    • Communications and Connectivity
    • Specialty Materials and Coatings
  • Aerospace & Defense
    • Niche MRO Services
    • Defense Electronics & C4ISR
    • Engineered Components
    • Unmanned Technology
    • Composites & NextGen Materials

Chris Witham

"I needed a company who could support my vision for growth by offering insight, industry resources and financial security while being hands-off when it came to my business’s day to day operations and capital investment. VSC delivered exactly what they promised. I’ve been able to remain fully in control of my business while having the assurance of stability and growth for its future."

Chris Witham

Motion Dynamics

Lee Danisch

"VSC stood out as straightforward, honest people that understood our needs and followed through on what they said they would do. Since the transaction and my retirement, they have continued to improve Measurand, respect its employees, and maintain the company’s values and culture. I am very glad to have chosen Vance Street Capital to fulfil my succession

Lee Danisch


Anu Goel

“When evaluating the prospective partners, I was hoping to find a buyer who understood my business, could provide strategic insight and wanted to invest in the business for growth. My goal was an still is to make Jet Parts Engineering a leader in its industry. Vance Street not only met those objectives, but also brought so many other resources to the table, which allows me to focus on running the actual business. They have encouraged me to accelerate hiring across the company and support me in my efforts to build out adjacent verticals. They are and will continue to be the collaborative partners I was seeking to grow and transform the company I founded.”

Anu Goel


Tim Wojciechowicz

"When the time came to sell A&E Medical, I was hoping to find a buyer who would honor the multi-generational legacy and treat the existing employees with dignity and respect for their contributions to the success of the company. Vance Street Capital had the financial resources to close quickly and then immediately committed substantial additional capital for facility improvements, staff, and acquisition of complementary product lines. Most important to me, the new management team selected by VSC oversaw the ownership transition with emotional intelligence and fairness with regard to the legacy employees."

Tim Wojciechowicz

A&E Medical

Dave Ring

“My father founded Applied Plastics, so when the time came that I was ready to step back and transition to a chairman/ advisor role, my focus was on finding a company with the level of expertise and specialty skill set required for our unique area of business. VSC came in and built out a leadership team with the experience and know-how to make this transition a reality while keeping our team and our culture intact. I can now have complete confidence going forward that my family’s legacy and AP’s valued employees are in good hands.”

Dave Ring

Applied Plastics

Mike Casalino

"Vance Street’s long track record of successfully partnering with family owned businesses in the medical component manufacturing space made them the ideal partner for Wytech during its next chapter of growth.  Finding a partner that could come in and provide not only growth-based resources, but also one that valued the culture and employee base our family has built over the past several decades was an important decision factor in finding our next partner.  Vance Street truly understood and respected those aspects of our business."

Mike Casalino


Bambi Lynn Cahilly

"I chose to partner with Vance Street for two reasons: the firm’s prior experience and knowledge of this market and their ability to support and build-upon the business I have built. They understand this market and what is needed to continue Excel’s strong growth trajectory."

Bambi Lynn Cahilly

Excel Scientific